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With more than 25 years of knowledge in the world of design, production and product development - processes that require a professional hand who capable of navigating all possible obstacles, Epsilon Industries, will know how to bring you effectively & decisively to a safe shore.

With our most powerful advantage, end-to-end solution services , we ensure a significant reduction in time, costs and production capacity in the time goals defined by our company, without the need to distribute different processes to external & expensive experts

In a well-designed concept, each element has its own appropriate role for making a successful...

Industrial Design makes its most significant impact in differentiation of similar products either by making them appear different...

Without dive into the smallest details it might be almost impossible to start the mechanical design’s long journey. 

When it comes to electronic design, a wide experience is what its all about, it requires a High expertise in order to avoid...

How does electronic devices talks? flash chips, CPU, communication controllers, etc, have their own program code...

The growing IoT & industry 4.0 markets today is a great opportunity for all..Whether your electronic device is old or new...


As a customized embedded software experts we will lead & guide you through the specification, design, engineering and implementation stage, lean on our vast experience of 20 Years in hardware & electrical equipment development & production.


Hardware development requires examination of technological feasibility, development time, costs, manpower requirements, and more. Epsilon Ind provides you the best team, who will carry out all the required actions in the field of hardware development .


Epsilon Ind is your business gateway for building a customizable IoT solution. let the IoT work for your business and gain: comfortable control, real-time data , lower operational expenses, flexible system, connected devices and insights for continuous improvement.  

Industry 4.0

The world of industry is moving towards another revolution - industry 4.0. In this technological age, advanced computing capabilities combined with information stored in sensors on various machines, products and tools make it possible to streamline and improve any production processes. 

Startup services

With our 360° professional In house Services we provide likewise in-depth analysis & product evolution extended knowledge, we know how to take your idea from characterization through analysis to accomplished product, ready for marketing and distribution.


Project management




Why Epsilon?

At the end of characterization, product development and the chosen model, Epsilon Ind complements the final, challenging stage for making your product alive- we bring all the experience we have accumulated and enjoy a fruitful cooperation with our China’s team which include: mechanical / electronic engineers, programmers, logistics personnel, QA personnel and ITP personnel who drive the production process in a professional, diligently and cost-effective manner.

Electro-Mechanical Assemblies 

OEM Parts



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What Our Clients Say About Us

We are verv impressed with the qualitv of the workmanship of all the vessels which we opened to inspect for damage. It was worth the wait Charlie! Please pass this on to evervone
concerned, especiallv Yaron and Nick. 


Warm Regards, Doug

Have a Messed o‘afl

Douglas C. Hoover


An ISO 9001:2015 certified engineering company that makes development & production of electronic entirety and equipment. making the challenge, need and the customer’s idea to a complete, competitive and winning product is what drives our unceasing passion for innovation and gives us the ability to operate in a wide range of industries such as electronics, Medical, security, industrial and more. with our tailor-made solution we know how to make your product stand out from the crowd & reach its full potential at the up coming  industrial revolution - Industry 4.0

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