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Developing hardware for an electronic product

Today we understand more that innovative and well-written software, as it may be, cannot guarantee success, provided that it is properly matched and supported by all its various relevant components.

Today, the world is becoming more technological and the expectation of this trend increases on a daily basis, Therefore, it is clear that the need for electronic-technological equipment becomes more essential whether it is for private or business sectors. The electronic product includes the software, the electronic components and the hardware,  all working flawlessly requires attention and expertise in multiple disciplines that all are here at Epsilon ind y.y.m Ltd.

Hardware Usage

Our modern life involving a wide range of electronics products that making our life smarter and more convenient. These electronic devices commonly involving hardware or modules along with software embedded in MCU and memory IC  & some other components . Epsilon team has extensive experience to design & implement any product need to pay attention to many issues such as: Durability ,Aesthetics, Accuracy, Optimization, flexibility, Ability to be repaired ,Optical qualities ,conductivity ,RF properties ,standards constrains… Therefore, the development process must be done by experienced team such as we are here at Epsilon knows how to lead.

Hardware manufacturing process

Some of the available hardware manufacturing processes are automatic or semi-automatic production lines, Epsilon brings lots of hardware production and therefore knows how to avoid mistakes as well as choosing a wrong technology, we will guide you to choose the right path to meet efficient production process that ends with cost effective product and can be produced in short production cycles.

Some criteria that should be considered during the hardware manufacturing process include material /components availability and properties, QA testing’s and tools to help test during all stages from incoming material inspection and during the process then functional testing’s and aging tests …

Epsilon Industries y.y.m Ltd experimented with a wide range of industries such as : military, civil, medical, aesthetic-medical, security, electronics,etc … We are confident that we can be your perfect partner

If you are looking for a company that holds a 20 years experience in design, development & manufacturing - you have reached the right place!

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