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If you are looking for a company with 25 years of experience in designing, developing & manufacturing products that is operating in industries like military, medical, telecommunication, home appliances, transportation … Epsilon Industries y.y.m Ltd. is the best chosen supplier for you!


Development in the Iot with Epsilon engineering team often involving a cloud platform, in which we implement security methods, with the ability to support large scale devices and users approaching the servers. Epsilon Ind y.y.m Ltd. develops Web & mobile apps (android & ios native) designing them to be cloud-native and scalable to allow future growing for the amount of data / users as your project will grow.

Whether you are looking for specific connected protocols that are important for you or Analytics features or looking for Machine learning or looking to add NoSQL / SQL data storage –


We will know how to bring you to your destination with our skilled engineering team.

a nice example for factory managers that sometimes approach us, asking what can the IoT technology /devices / app & cloud with Epsilon team can contribute us?

we answer – if you could collect data from multiple sensors in a real time,  save it to a cloud and presenting it in a web or mobile app,  will it be worth?

projects in the IoT can nowadays include RFID / other movement / any type of sensors to allow better of materials managementat the production floor, allowing continues production of finished goods, some other examples can be supporting factories management of the energy usage to lower energy consumption bills. Data analytics combined in projects will support factory managers better understanding tools for smart energy usage so whatever can be scheduled for lowering energy rate periods will be postponed ending with energy optimizations.

So what exactly Epsilon Ind y.y.m Ltd can do for you and why this vast experience is so important?


A good example we like to use to explain our benefits to new customers is an internal project started at Epsilon and nowadays is functioning as Independent Company called -HomiSmart ltd.


In this project we faced a challenge - to take the electrical outlets & switches that are “stupid” ones, and on top of that make them smarter with great added value for our customers.


The project included a lot of challenges among them passing regulations with strict standards of CE and others that originally were designed for stupid devices, while smart devices includes wireless communication components as well as software we needed to pass


along with some other challenges of smooth real-time communication from mobile all over the world to control other devices and see all parameters that users wish to manage, adding many automated features to support much smarter rich user experience …


These abilities involves a lot of field’s integration with “know how” such as:

  • Software at hardware side

  • Hardware and MCU design with wireless capabilities

  • Server side programing in cloud environment to be safe and secured to manage millions of users /devices

  • App for web application / native android and ios App for apple users.


No matter if you are at the medical /industrial /telecommunication/ household appliances… we will know how to develop and complete all your needs for the IoT industry so your product will be smarter and controlled via app & cloud communication.

 we are sure you will discover the great added value we can bring to your product needs in each of your stages as this is what have faced and seen for more than 25 years with solutions we implemented

Our experienced engineering team are at your service at all times looking forward to hearing from you here.

Feel free to contact us

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