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With Epsilon Industries y.y.m Ltd you will have the knowledge, professionalism and experience of more than 25 years in the field of production, planning and development of electronic circuits and the PCBA in particular.

PCB production

Most of the electronics products nowadays pose basic important components which are the PCB (printed circuit boards) it is a board on which electronic components are being soldered along with some other components that connecting to it. The PCB principle is based on conductive copper layers that being produced with some other insulated layers.

With the broad range of technologies used by Epsilon Industries y.y.m Ltd., Epsilon provides to its customers a range of circuits and assemblies, from simple single-sided circuits through complex multi-layer circuits that require more technological treatment. No matter what is your current stage or operated industry, Epsilon team will know how to bring you to that safe shore with manufacture prototypes / Mass production with our top experienced hardware engineering departments in China.

Epsilon provides PCB and PCBA solutions for many industries including military, medical devices, electronics and communication a vast experience can be your best partner to help you overcome obstacles and guide your team to transform from prototype design to mass produced items in a cost effective way with testing jigs to ensure quality will always be highest.

Producing electronic product often requires PCB manufacturing Epsilon Industries provide its customers with the best cost effective solution in this field, whether it is the stage of the idea and design or if the need for mass production, we holds the most advanced & suitable machines for any type of industry, some of the machinery include:

  • Lead free


  • Assembling a conventional 'thru-hole' PCB

  • Dust free environment with fully /semi-automatic production lines

For testing we offer in-circuit test, analog-digital test equipment, customized test programs and more...

Our skilled team of engineers will be happy to learn your needs and provide a quick, professional and reliable response.

Interested in electronic equipment with PCB development? Interested in mass production of PCBA?

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