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If you are looking for a company with 25 years of experience in designing ,developing  & manufacturing OEM products in industries like military, medical, telecommunication ,home appliances, transportation In cooperation with a local Chinese Dept… you came to the right place!

During the last two decades Epsilon ind y.y.m ltd has accomplished hundreds of OEM products with thousands of parts being designed and mass produced for our global customers.


Finding the most suitable product for a certain application can be quite a challenge, through our china branch we daily accompany our customer's production needs from the prototype models stage to the tools /production lines which involves with molds/ jigs and other tools.., Our obligation to our customers is to meet the most suitable technology, machinery, process and solution needed for their product to allow them to design & produce the customer's OEM products with the cost effectiveness needed keeping our customers profitable upon their competitors for many years to come.

Among our different types of technologies used for mass production you can find different types of high level machinery some of them automated some are in clean room production lines, we are able to meet any of your specific production needs and to be able to keep on long lasting quality and price stability.


Our experienced engineers will guide you through the process and build with you the right production & a quality process to fit your monthly production capacity and keep a close management team to verify your demands per each production lot that is implemented.

We often meet customers that had some bad experience producing with outsourcing, these are the kind of customers we like the most as it is interesting to see how after some meetings & trial lot they know to appreciate our team work as we bring them back to a safe shore with all their specifications & demands implemented in a cost effective way.


Our experienced engineering team are at your service at all times looking forward to hear from you !

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