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Prototyping, Models and Prototypes


Manufacturing Prototypes & Models is among the first stages Epsilon specializes for more than 25 years.

from concept to product planning, through development to production and transportation from China to our global customers.

Production of prototypes & models. the trick is to go to the smallest details...

The importance of prototyping in the product / idea development stage is crucial because of the ability of the initial model to give you an index of every aspect of the product, from testing the product's performance to possible improvements, examining the feasibility of producing the product, presenting it to investors if necessary, building a prototype as well as first model are an essential step in the costumer's idea pronunciation since you have not built a prototype yet till you measured the advantages / disadvantages of your product.

There are cases where a number of prototypes are produced as small lot until the final mass production tools and molds are being implemented (a longer process usually taking 30-50 days)


Working with us will grant you the most advanced technology:

SLA - Using: epoxy resin material.

SLS - Selective Laser. Using nylon, ABS, PP, PVC and aluminum materials

The prototype can be glued, painted and printed with silk screen printing and the outer texture will be very similar to the results of mass production.

CNC machines - allow you to get as accurate a product as possible for the final product when we can use the most relevant raw material for your specific needs using:

  • PC

  • ABS

  • Nylon

  • ULTEM Resin

  • Metal

  • POM

  • Aluminum

  • Stainless steel

Machined parts directly from 3D CAD files.

The CNC equipment we use along with the complementary working methods are carefully chosen and in the first row with parts that perfectly reflect the intended product.

Rapid Dust Replication-In this technique the silicone rubber RTV mold is produced from the master part that we creating via cnc or other Technic and is mostly made using SLA .upon finished SLA / CNC sample, surface processing is done and then produce the Rapid Silicone mold.
This technology is mainly designed to produce plastic in small batch method prior to opening the mass production mold that are more expansive and consume more time to be implemented.

Vacuum casting process the materials commonly used are PU epoxy.
The lot size will be ordered from several pieces for a hundred.

The production of a perfect prototype is measured not only by the mechanical ability to perform well but also by the overall finishing level using a lot of attention. Epsilon team are investing with : sanding / painting / coating.

 We refer to the prototypes that we manufacture as a work of art.

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