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If you are looking for a company with more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing cables, among them cables with highest demands and features for equipment in industries like military, medical cables, telecommunication with braids, RF cable and many more Epsilon Industries y.y.m Ltd. is the best chosen supplier for you.

Production Cables

Electrical cables contain one or more electrical conductors that are usually made of copper, aluminum, or steel covered with insulating. Commonly the cables are used to transmit electricity or impulses of an electrical communication system. Among the different cables we are producing to our customers there are different technologies we are implementing with Each cables or wire harness according to our customer's demand, including different needs for isolation, resistance, electrical radiations and so on... many parameters are being considered, for example, to prevent electrical interference from external circuits or even between wires inside the radio transmissions cables we often use some isolated method with metal wire braiding and fixing inside the cable .

Demand for cables

The growth in the energy & communications sectors presents indicators of the rise in the need for electrical cables for different applications. For example, a coaxial cable, which is essential for transmitting telephone & television signals, or those connected to medical devices and need to be used internally & externally to connect probes for their devices..

Materials and the process of manufacturing basic cables

Among the main raw materials needed for cable production are rubber and plastic based ingredients such as PVC grains.

for the conductors there is copper material for the wires. A selected size of bare wire is released from a drum to the coating roller. Next, coated wire is drawn through water cooling to an automatic winding machine for storing superconductors to produce various sizes of wire, then passed into the coating machine. The coated cable is drawn through printed water cooling. then It is transferred to the coil storage cable, for storage.

In the above process Epsilon Ind y.y.m ltd can enjoy vast flexibility and knowledge of "KNOW HOW" to meet specific needs. Our engineering DNA with 25 years of experience in different types / uses of cables that we produces is a great added value to any of our customers to meet any standard demands / technology needs.

The cables we produce:

High Speed ​​cables

USB cables

Split cables

Flat cable

Flex cable

Audio cables

Cat6 cables

Coaxial cables

RS232 cables


Power cables

RF cables

Cables harness with many connectors types for mounting inside electronic products

Among the various production capabilities of cables Epsilon Industries y.y.m Ltd. is also producing many types of cable assemblies according to customer demand, whether it is the stage of the idea / development / stage of engineering design / building prototypes /mass production, Epsilon ind y.y.m Ltd. Knows to provide a quick and professional response, with best production lines and equipment ready for the task.

Our experienced engineering team are at your service, giving you the best performing cable at at the most attractive price

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