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When the challenge of taking an idea and turning it into a winning product only increases, the experience, knowledge & technological ability plays a crucial role in order to stand out above everyone and reach the finish line as a winner, Epsilon Ind y.y.m ltd. will bring you there.

From concept to a new product

The preliminary stage of product design planning alongside to the definition of the product requirements such as :  

what functionality its supposed to fill? the size of the potential market? the intended target ? raw materials ? available technologies and more... are the ones that ultimately make the difference between a winning product and one that will not bring the entrepreneur to the target destination to which he aimed.

Design & Concept Development

At this point, several models with different technologies, raw materials and interfaces are being developed to present the "big whole picture" of the design concept, so that they can answer such questions like : What solutions will I get from the product t?  How they will best be performed by it  and whether it will pay off to idea initiator.

Reduction for details and other considerations

At this stage, the engineers and designers must be meticulous in characterizing the initial concept and get down to the smallest details when designing and developing the requested product in a way that will enable them to make it a real and profitable product. At this point we must concentrate on the design and technological aspects, materials and user interface, production costs and the ability to market it successfully. Illustrations and examples to the extent that the need arises to locate investors.

Build Prototype

This is an important junction perhaps the most important of all, since at this stage you must reach the actual product as close as possible to the final product requested, we will examine many critical parameters such as: functionality, physical contact, overall appearance, synergy between its parts and components, product ergonomics and more. In addition, its compliance with relevant standards it aims to achieve (medical, military, communications...)

Production phase

The final stage in which product templates are built whether for small series or for mass production, in the above stage, the overall production portfolio is constructed:

  • BOM – (BILL OF MATERIAL) along with the specifications of the various parts of the product

  • Various drawings of the product including 3D simulations

  • Order assembling product parts

  • Instructions for the various stages of production

If all of the above steps are performed in an efficient, focused and wisely way, the success of the final product is almost guaranteed 

Epsilon Industries y.y.m Ltd. With its vast experience & hundreds of projects that were carried out for the various industries is your best suitable choice with our professionalism, determination and creativity we can assure you a final winning product.

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