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If you are looking for a company with more than 25 years of experience in designing, developing & manufacturing products that is operating in industries like military, medical, telecommunication, home appliances, transportation … Epsilon Industries Y.Y.M Ltd. is the best chosen supplier for you!

During the last two decades Epsilon ind Y.Y.M ltd has accomplished hundreds of OEM products with thousands of parts being designed and mass produced for our global customers.


Epsilon engineering team with our experienced organic engineering team are highly experienced in software / hardware products development,

With end to end solutions to accomplish the task so that at the end your current product will be well adopted and smarter to be controlled via the internet .

So what exactly Epsilon Ind Y.Y.M ltd can do for you and why this vast experience is so important?

A good example we like to use to explain our benefits to new customers in any relevant discussion is a project that started as internal project at Epsilon and nowadays is functioning as Indepeneded Company called HomiSmart ltd.


In this project we faced a challenge - to take the electrical outlets and switches that are stupid ones and on top of that make them smarter with great added value for our customers.


The project included a lot of challenges among them passing regulations with strict standards of CE and others that originally were designed for stupid devices and with our smart devices that including wireless communication components and mcu with software we needed to pass.


along with some other challenges of smooth real-time communication from mobile all over the world to control other devices and see all parameters that users wish to manage, adding many automated features to support much smarter rich user experience …

These abilities involves a lot of field’s integration with “know how” that we at Epsilon Ind Y.Y.M ltd poses for 20 years:

  • Software at hardware side

  • Hardware and MCU design with wireless capabilities

  • Server side programming in cloud environment to be safe and secured to manage millions of users /devices

  • App for web application / native android and ios App for apple users.

In order to make all the above work well as a complete system with ability to pass standard there is a need for professional experienced company as Epsilon offers its customers.


No matter if you are at medical /industrial /telecommunication/ household appliances that your iot device is intended to operate with … we will know to develop and complete all your needs for the iot industry so the your product will be smarter  and controlled via app and server side communication.

We highly welcome you to contact us and we are sure you will discover the great added value we are able to add to your product needs, no matter what stage it is in... After all, that is what we have been doing for 25 years

Our experienced engineering team are at your service at all times, leave us a message

click here leave us your details and we will shortly get back to you

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