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Electronics devices combined with embedded software, compatible hardware a Cloud & Apps is our expertise, let us guide you through the specification, design, engineering and implementation stage, lean on our vast experience in hardware & electrical equipment development and production.


Hardware development requires examination of technological & production feasibility, design for production ,meeting with cost & time goals and so on... Epsilon Ind provides you the best experienced team, who will carry out all the required actions in that field.  


Epsilon Ind is your business gateway for building a customizable IoT solution.  Let the IoT to work for your business and gain: comfortable control, real-time data , lower operational expenses, flexible system , connected devices and insights for continuous improvement.  

Startup Services

With our 360o professional In house Services we provide likewise in-depth analysis & product evolution extended knowledge, we know how to take your idea from characterization through analysis to accomplished product, ready for marketing and distribution.

Industry 4.0

The world of industry is moving towards another revolution - industry 4.0. In this technological age, advanced computing capabilities combined with information stored in sensors on various machines, products and tools make it possible to streamline and improve production processes. 

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