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If you are looking for a company with more than 25 years of experience in designing ,developing  & manufacturing products that is operating in industries like military, medical, telecommunication ,home appliances, transportation … Epsilon Industries y.y.m Ltd. is the best chosen supplier for you !

The development of IoT (internet of things) and physical smarts devices & systems, such as sensors and wearable technology, enable machines, computers, and even the information itself to take an active part in manufacturing and production processes in the industry. This merging of strategy and business technology has already received a new and glamorous name: “Industry 4.0.” This is not a fourth industrial revolution, but rather an evolution, expressed in small steps that will change the way industry and industry build businesses”  The fourth industrial revolution - known as Industry 4.0 - and characterized by the increasing digitization and interconnection of products, value chains and business models, is now a reality.

Together with our experienced software & electronics Engineers team

Making your product & industry 4.0 production supported is easy, we can gather much digital information for you that will lead you to be much efficient flexible and competitive at your market, you will benefit from:


  • Automatic actions with less human resource.

  •  know more about your product usage.

  • know more about your customers (e.g. what features at your product and services they are using the most.

  •  Plan your production & raw material better & accurate.

  •  control your services and equipment from far away also at your customer’s sights without physically being there

  • you will get to know in advance when product's components need to be replaced so your logistic and production will be better planned and prepared for the “rush –period” 

Whatever information that until recent years was very hard to implement now with this revolution and Epsilon ind y.y.m ltd. skilled engineering team it is achievable than ever!

In order to make all the above work well as a complete system with ability to pass all types of standardization you need a professional experienced company such as Epsilon offers its customers.


No matter if you are at medical /industrial /telecommunication/ household appliances … we will know to lead your product to be smarter and generating many benefits our current technology can offer and know how can bring

Our experienced engineering team is at your service at any time, looking forward to hear from you 

click here leave us your details and we will shortly get back to you

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