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Development, Design & Production For Start-Up Projects

From the concept to development & production

No matter what stage your startup venture is in – concept, design, development or production, Epsilon Industries y.y.m Ltd. with its 20 years of experience has the professionalism, knowledge and experience required to make your progress to be faster ended with successfully results, minimize your potential mistakes and lowering the costs on the way to mass production stage.

Serving startups for more than 2 decades Epsilon has built the right supporting mechanism to meet any startup needs with a dedicated, experience team of engineers to help prompt progress. Among the great benefits & added values we daily contribute to our customers is our accumulated knowledge & experience in hardware / software connected devices with many years of producing them. we know who to significantly reduce the development costs, helping the startups to be innovative and have the edge over the existing solutions in their markets .  As soon as a start-up initiates an idea, it is often involves what we call- time to market constrains that for epsilon team must support in implementing quickly with best available quality to allow the startup grow and further develop.

Many of the fields nowadays require prompt progress, a winning recipe you have today may be tomorrow irrelevant and has lost its innovation edge! ,Therefore, in order to quickly reach the goal you have defined , maximizing the potential of your idea / project  , minimizing possible failures , implementing your idea efficiently, must be done with perfect process and professional team for determination and agility in all its critical stages – Epsilon Ind y.y.m Ltd. engineering team is your best choice to support all above as for more than 25 years we have seen so many startups and were involved in thousands of parts and hundreds of products.

when this great experience is at your side you gain great added value!


For those of you who really having a brilliant idea for a technological enterprise and innovative product -it is important to understand that what will make it sale in large scales and will determine whether the product will conquer the target market is- its appearance, the design line to be chosen, materials, colors … answering the basic question like - is it suitable to target market you intend?
This parameter must be conducted strategically. Of course, it is a mistake to think that the design as a whole is sufficient. It contains resolutions that must not be ignored, such as mechanical design, the chosen raw material, user friendly interface … do not worry Epsilon design team will guide you in all this process – we are here for you!

Planning and development

Assuming that at the design stage the ultimate goal was to create something innovative, practical and practical in terms of usability for its target audience, at the development stage the emphasis is on maximizing adherence to a detailed plan that is being formulated at Epsilon's offices.

Raw material, Technology, Electronic Planning, Engineering, Design, Production stages… all of these parameters are not foreign to Epsilon, but rather our guiding principle. On this basis we create & build a competitive and profitable product that easily achieves its goals.


After the drawings, simulations and so prototype the product is starting the journey of mass production with our production lines in China; Epsilon Industries has the right tools with more than 25 years of experience of thousands of items to produce any product in any quantity possible. This stage requires choosing the right technologies and matching the right suitable production lines to any given product so it will be produced efficiently.

Determination and adherence to the goal is our second name and be sure you will get to your desired success.

Have an idea for a project? Need an advice for development, design or production?

We are here for you!

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