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Mechanical design

The mechanical design process tends to be one of the main important stages since it requires a dive into the smallest details in the product structure such as:

  • The variety of materials and technology available in relation to the required product

  • Adjustments required for the electronic /different mechanic assembly

  • Product design 
  • Work Environment
  • Pneumatic, electrical, optical aspects & more ...

Therefore, this process necessarily requires a lot of knowledge, experience and professional staff coming from different fields to accomplish the task.

Mechanical design at various stages

No matter if you are now looking for creation of a totally new product or you are in the stage of fixing some previous mistakes in earlier generations of your products or maybe motivated by looking for cost effectiveness in your mass produced items… Epsilon Ind. y.y.m ltd engineering team will know to take you to your destination with our 25 years of experience and massive mass produced items we are sure we can contribute a lot to any given project.

Understanding and defining the problem

The first step to lead a successful mechanical design is to understand the purpose of the product as well as the action it is required to fulfill under which environmental conditions, and then raise possible problems that may arise during the process for minimizing damage that should improve production efficiency. It is therefore necessary to discuss with the client his needs and desires that are related to the design.

Product targets in relation to the specification

In most cases, the client defines goals on which he will base his design requirements, taking into account the various constraints, is always a challenge that need to be considered in the external / internal structure some other matters related to structure can appear from standards demands that in some areas defining the wall thickness of plastic parts and defines specific materials that are must to have vs others that are not allowed….These are just part of the constrains our mechanical engineers must consider while creating a suitable mechanical design. 

Innovation & Submitting Ideas

At the beginning of the mechanical design process, firstly the various teams (engineers, designers, etc.) are required to brainstorm, thinking "out of the box" is required to produce a quality & competitive product. The variety of ideas raised will be ending by choosing one that fits most for customers- we have a green light- the production stages begins.

Product targets in relation to the specification

At the beginning of the process of mechanical design, firstly the various teams (engineers, designers, etc.) brainstorming, thinking "out of the box" is required for pass successfully and implement a quality product.  The variety of ideas raised will be ending by chosen one that fits most both for customers and for the production stages is implemented.

Finish design

After completing all the above steps, it is safe to say that the mechanical planning process has produced enough information to start the work. The completed model / demo version is sent to the customer.

As stated, Epsilon Industries together with engineering staff provide various engineering solutions to a wide range of industries and customers with 25 years been providing hundreds of projects in the civil, military, medical, aesthetic, communications, and other fields.

Electronic design

When costumer choose us for his electronics design process he is actually enjoying high professionalism and huge project experience that avoiding much mistakes in the design / production / standardization  etc... We are able to lead u efficiently to a successful project providing you:

  • Stability- We will know how to create a stable circuit and implement within it all the product’s requirements.

  • Experience- we will bring our 25 years of experience to produce a product with correct standardization who will be based on the most popular, available and long lasting components and raw materials.

  • Cost – We are aware of all the production aspect and therefor design a circuit who are easy to produce with robot machine solution rather than manual labor.

  • Producing Documentation- detailed BOM delivery- a coherent, consistent explanation for each step of your product, the goal is always the same: clear, concise and useful information.

electronic design

The experience that Epsilon Industries y.y.m Ltd. has accumulated for 20 years is a great added value for any of your mechanical needs

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