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Industrial design & product development

Concept development, product engineering & mass production. Epsilon Ind offers all stages with end to end solution ability to meet your needs. 25 years of experience with hundreds of projects in various fields of medical ,electronics, telecommunication, electronic appliances… we know how to take you safely to your destination!

Epsilon Industries is your great partner for the design stage – our designers are experienced and meeting daily with our engineering team in various projects so that the team work is always very fruitful with designs that not only looking great but also are able to be produced in large scales which we refer as “design for production “. During the process our team implements in-depth analysis of the customer's requirements, needs, technical, technological and material challenges.

In today's industrial design, innovation takes a large part in the success factors of a product and is undoubtedly more critical and significant. This is the most influential factor in distinguishing similar products from the same industry by highlighting them over the others and turning them into winners over its competitor, by means of shape, color, style, ergonomics, mechanics, chosen materials, superior technology and innovative team.

The profit you get from efficient industrial design

Efficient industrial design tends to increase market range & production versatility as well as the choice of consumer. Industrial design has also proven to be a force that can create a new market niches, especially in the field of electronics, a world in which Epsilon Industries has been operating for more than 25 years.  

Industrial design, from idea to reality

Our engineers & designers at Epsilon have the knowledge and experience to lead our customer from end to end. Whether it is electronic product packaging, prototype construction, plastic manufacturing, etc. our team will identify the best winning formula that perfectly integrate with the Hardware & Software to design and produce a competitive, smart and cost effective product that will not only look great but also will pass the all relevant safety and other standards that will be required to pass mass sales.

The industrial design program as part of a work plan for the planning-development- diving into the smallest detail ... such as:

  • Market trends and competitors analysis

  • The feasibility and need for a product in the market

  • Product development policy

  • Reference to potential product performance factors

  • Cost and schedule for development.

  • Quality aspects are also defined, though separately.

In order to maintain our target, the various departments at Epsilon Industries hold regular discussions on a daily and weekly basis.

As part of product design planning, which takes into account the manufacturing process, quality and product life cycle, our products are constantly synchronized with our manufacturing departments in China, while Epsilon Industries strives relentlessly to achieve the desired design goal.

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