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 Embedded Software Development


Whether you are looking for embedded software development or looking for App with a cloud service, Epsilon engineering team is  ready for this task...

Most of the electronic products today contain an embedded software that is in charge of important actions, the software component is ultimately to provide basic hardware control. A software component is designed to ensure that a software system or subsystem and its interfaces will provide optimal performance.

How the software shapes the world

The software helps to make life more comfortable  by moving and activating the product's features, resulting in an easy, user-friendly interface (usually the operation of electronic equipment).  A common example of software development is found in today's popular social networking context, and the available communication and ease of communication between people at any point on the globe - PC software are the ones that allow it. Another example of electronic devices is smart sockets & switches that can remotely control any device Electric to which they are connected, how? By using dedicated software installed on them that accepts orders via the smartphone, all this would not exist without the software.

About the software development process

First, the software life cycle should determine & support the overall development strategy.

Specification, the main purpose is to identify the optimal functionality and other features in the software that is expected to be developed.

Design - At this stage we create a selected template or alternatively a set of interactive modules that communicate via different interfaces. Designing an efficient and diligent interface is an important and critical aspect that our software engineers dealing on a daily basis.

The application stage, which focuses on making the suitable design for a working & functioning software product. last, the technical steps of testing and debugging, documentation..  the software is ready and running as a ready or test.

Firmware software

Firmware software

In short, the firmware is the mainly operating system of electronic devices. Unlike a normal computer operating system, which serves many PC components, the basic idea of ​​a firmware is to be firmly connected to a device. The limited freedom of choice has the advantage that a firmware has always been adapted to an existing system and uses all available hardware resources optimally.


Most of the firmware is in a flash memory (EPROM, EEPROM or ROM) and cannot be replaced by the user. It can control, monitoring and provide some great engineered products & systems data.

If your product is operated by software you probably have firmware inside, and might also have the need for updating that firmware from far away, that’s way you will be able to reduce the support of many different versions you may have….  Epsilon can help you on that! In addition to our wide range of modules for experimenting and developing, we have a great deal of experience with electronics development such as – firmware software, cloud software & Apps . We strive for the best balance between quality and costs...

Any project is different in its software needs, our engineering team would love to learn your needs and make it happen,  more than 25 years of experience in software development & hardware in many segments of industries making us confident that we can be your best choice through all the stages.

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