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Our Services

Industrial design

Industrial Design makes its most significant impact in differentiation of similar products either by making them appear different through color and style, or by enhancing them with detail and minor additional features.

Concept design

In a well-designed concept, each element has its own appropriate role. each detail is critical for making a successful, profitable product and must answer: What functionality does the product should fulfill? targeted audience? available raw materials? how to create an easy to use product?

Mechanical design

Without dive into the smallest details it might be almost impossible to start the mechanical design’s long journey.  Since it requires consideration of environmental conditions, available technology, supporting UI / UX design and contemporary production.

Electronic design

A successful electronic design process requires a high professionalism and huge project experience in order to avoid many mistakes in the design / production / standardization, etc.... Epsilon reduces manufacturing costs & allows a quick exit to the market

Firmware software

How does electronic devices talks? flash chips, CPU, communication controllers, etc, have their own program code that has much influence on any successful electronic products, Epsilon Ind will design for you best firmeware software to make your embedded product stable & much developed.

App & server side development

As a technology company who deeply involved in the growing IoT & industry 4.0 markets, Epsilon’s customers benefits from our vast knowledge and ability to design & develop customized applications that work with cloud and run electrical devices of any kind.

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