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Epsilon Industries y.y.m Ltd. specializes in manufacturing batteries packs, using rechargeable batteries cells. With our experienced team you will receive a close accompaniment from the concept, planning stage to the development, production & transportation

Battery pack production

We come across battery packs almost everywhere, and it is essential for most of the electrical equipment, large / small, the battery either as the power supply for operation or for backup, it comes in a variety of different sizes, shapes and types of cells /power. It is a battery that takes an important part of the world - the energy that is so critical to us in our modern everyday life.


Epsilon offers a wide range of customized battery packs some of our battery production are:

  • Car GPS tracking systems

  • Use of medical simulation & learning devices

  • security applications

  • Electronic equipment

  • Power Bank for technicians

We offer our customers an approved batteries cells by UL standards and all relevant safety /operation tests that verifies it long lasting life with best performance on any specific application


We provide OEM solutions for all types of batteries: Li-ion / NiCad / Ni-metal / Li-polymer cell and also battery packs that designed to work under extreme conditions such as high temperature and so..


Battery production in different types & sizes is a task for professionals only! since in the last years there is a growing attention for the safety regulations each pack need to meet and pass for the transportation process. Nowadays the IATA and IMDG maritime requirements for battery transportation got strict and some logistic companies will not approve loading lower level battery packs - Epsilon is passing all strict standards.

No matter what types of batteries you wish to develop / manufacture, we at Epsilon Industries Y.Y.M Ltd. with our 25 years experienced and skilled engineering team will be happy to match the right battery pack for your product needs with an appropriate, efficient and professional solution at the most attractive cost to ensure you the best results .

  • Lithium Polymer

  • Lithium ion packs

  • NiCad / Ni-metal packs

  • Flexibility with wide range of battery size /shapes to meet any product design constraints

  • Different capacitance per any product specification /power need

  • Supporting our customers with Epsilon team escorting & pass the produced pack with all the

  • standard tests for smooth logistic transportation later on

  • Standards - Un38.3 + MSDS

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