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Manufacture of keyboards and rubber keypads products are among the fields that Epsilon Industries has been leading for more than 25 years, with us you will receive close accompaniment from the concept and planning stage to the mass production stage.

Manufacturing keyboards and rubber products

Production of high quality keyboards and rubber products requires experience, engineering and professional know-how as well as high production ability. Epsilon Industries Y.Y.M Ltd. brings these capabilities for 25 years of designing and producing a wide range of customized items for the industries: military, medical, civilian, electronics, security etc. Epsilon Industries has the ability to manufacture all types and configurations of rubber parts and silicone rubber keypads.

When the need arises for a reliable, strong, durable for extreme weather and cost effective solution for input commands into electronic system, it is reasonable rubber and silicon keyboards in particular as a good solution to be implemented, Partly because of:

Savings: Rubber keyboards are relatively inexpensive per unit, but are usually preferred to be produced in large quantities, due to their design requiring rich engineering design and production process.

Durability: The rubber and silicone buttons have impressive capabilities for outdoor conditions and temperatures, and their wear is very low.

Dynamic design capability: The rubber keyboards are versatile and can be subject to frequent design changes according to the customer's wishes and demands.

Different pressing forces: Different types of rubber button resistance can be created according to customer demand.

Additional advantages: Can be manufactured according to different sizes, with different prints and colors as well as different textures.

Our products:

  • Silicone rubber keys

  • Rubber buttons glued with plastic cups on the key

  • Rubber keys with PC tape

  • Double injection keys- Injection and compression

  • Printing keys with different technologies

  • Laser burning technics

  • Various contact types: conductive pills, conductive ink and low resistance ink

  • Types of protective coatings: PU coating, silicone coating, epoxy coating

The production of keyboards as well as these rubber products are the areas of expertise in our company.

With end-to-end solution, that is, from the design and development stage to the mass production stage, our engineering department will help you greatly to design and produce the best part to meet your needs with cost effectiveness for the mass production stage .

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