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Epsilon Industries y.y.m Ltd. has been producing membrane keypads & labels panels for the last 25 years, Epsilon customers are coming from variety of industries among them : automotive, security, office and household equipment, industrial control , outdoor products and more.

Membrane keypad often being called as Lexan label production

One of the main advantages of membrane keypad is the variety of materials and thickness availability for the design , some of the raw materials  commonly used are poly carbonate with many different types of coloring and coated options so eventually it can withstand extreme conditions such as heat, UV rays, breakage, intense use, etc. This benefits makes it ideal for adhesion for a wide range of products that require thin input method or labels with durability to environment and even chemical resistance  can be implemented in : Computers, electronics ,medical devices ,  communications enclosures and so on.

Using such materials bring additional benefits to the electronic equipment:

  • Can function as Electric insulators

  • Can get rough / soft / transparent, with drawbacks or prominent buttons

  • Transparent or colored indicator points

  • Perfectly adapted to the customer's product thanks to versatility in changing texture, color and shape

The performance of the products we produce are among the best as we use the best materials having with professional layers of glue such as M3 glue, Lexan GE and many other quality brands.

In the end, your product will be completed exactly according to the specific requirements, whether the product is designed to operate under direct sunlight and needs UV resistance, whether it needs a very long shelf life or need to assemble LED light, we have experienced decades in producing these products for Various types of applications, industrial and domestic controls, office equipment, automotive applications and security

Just send us your request and our engineering team will be happy to take care of your technical needs and get back to you with the most professional and cost-effective offer!

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