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Metal enclosures are a commonly used in the field of electro-mechanics as building blocks to build shells for various types of products , whether it is used as an integral part of the product or just used as the shell to protect the product electronics and sensitive components inside  it from the outside environment the product was designed for .

In order to ensure continuity, high speed of data transmission and reliability of hardware, sensitive electronic components generally need efficient protecting solutions. However, these solutions are not only used to protect against possible environmental and mechanical damage such as dust, moisture, shocks and potential structural hazards, but as a first line of protection that covers & protects electronics against thermal challenges that can lead to overheating and eventually failure in the system. 

When approaching various types of electronic housing, the customer must know the variety of electronic housing options that Epsilon Industries y.y.m Ltd offers:

  • Metal enclosures manufactured using CNC technology

  • Mold casting

  • Dies tools for pressing process

  • Machining that is used for internal and precise production of the components as a preliminary stage for the production of molds as well as for mass production stages

  • Welding including argon welding, point welding and carbon dioxide welding.

Epsilon Industries y.y.m Ltd. has been engaged for more than 25 years in providing solutions to the world of electronics housings in general and electronic equipment, industrial, security, medical-aesthetic and civilian in particular. It should be noted that one of the outstanding advantages of Epsilon Industries lies in its ability to accompany projects from the planning and development stage through the construction of various prototypes adapted to the customer's needs, up to the final stage, the mass production stage.

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