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Plastic is a material that is commonly used in many varieties and products. There are many variations in the plastic material with aspects that related to technological & mechanical needs which affect the production. businesses that are interested in manufacturing or protecting their products with plastic shells must understand the main methods in plastic manufacturing picking the right decisions & tools makes the difference in the ability to maximize & produce best quality of production of various plastic components, Moreover, it shortens processes and helps to develop products efficiently and economically. Epsilon Industries y.y.m  vast experience, knowledge with hundreds of different projects that has accumulated in various fields is Epsilon great added value to meet any of your specific needs as we seen and faced all obstacles for more than two decades and can greatly contribute to you .

Plastic Injection

One of the most common methods to produce shells and products for various industries is via plastic injection method; one of the most prominent advantages of this method is the ability to mass production products in big or small lots in which Epsilon has been specializing for more than 25 years.

The injection process is performed by dissolving resin balls in the barrel of the injection machine. In combination, the pressure and heat are melted and the screw in the barrel moves the plastic forward and ensures an equal mixture of melted plastic, which is transferred to the metal mold. The plastic fills the mold, getting cooler and ends with the solid plastic part.

Backed by the most advanced software for engraving, analysis and manufacturing design along with the best auto equipment from Germany and Japan which include CNC, EDM high speed, wire cutting machines and more… We will be very pleased to be your preferred choice in plastics.

Design products and their molds is expertise which we do for 20 years by now with difference complicated parts and materials for different industries like medical ,electronics, telecommunication , home appliances and car industry … 

we use all the most relevant, advances technologies such as:

  • Hot runner technology

  • Analysis of flow defect in the file creation and mold designing stage.

  • Format a fixed mold for curves and parting lines.

  • Cooling optimization.

  • Visual considerations like gates and ejectors designing.

  • Nutserts insertions techniques via in mold or after injection automated process.

All of the above promises that the products produced by us will perform as expected for many years to come and under any environment that will be defined passing all safety standards for your products.


Let us show you how 25 years of experience is making your product to be best in class leaving all your competitors far behind .

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