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Plastic injection and production of plastic products

plastic products

What Is plastic injection?

It is an engineering-design process used to produce components by injecting raw material from melted plastic into a dedicated mold. This is probably the most significant and common production process in local industry, since almost all industrial companies use parts that have been built with plastic injection, whether it is the pharmaceutical, electronics, cosmetics, or toy manufacturing industries.

What is the use of plastic injection?

Plastic injection as mentioned is used to prepare plastic components and products, in the last 30 years, plastic has become synonymous in the entire field of materials engineering. Indeed, designers and engineers naturally turn to plastic because it offers a winning combination of features such as: lightness, availability, inertness (does not form chemical compounds with others), resistance to corrosion, color stability, etc.

A feature that makes it a perfect packaging material.

The connection between plastic and man is natural with a complete correlation between the two whether it is various forms of plastic packaging that help protect our food and insulate the drink we drink. Another examples are Firefighters in flexible plastic suits that protect them from high temperatures, or the medical industry where the use is almost endless.

What is the plastic injection process?

The injection procedure requires the use of an injection machine - PVC - casting or mold. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or (PVC-U) or PVC-P (plastic) comes in the form of molten pellets, injected under pressure to fill the mold - where they cool and form the shape.

After the plastic mold has set, the injection mold opens and releases the formed component, the result is a precise shape of the mold that begins to replicate itself. The process is a very fast process capable of producing tens of thousands of components, however complex they may be, at a low cost per part and with great precision. However, when it is necessary to produce another plastic component with a different shape, the need for a new injection mold that is specifically required for production arises.

Plastic injection is a job for professionals with experience and proven ability in the various fields of the plastic industry. Epsilon Industries is your natural address to produce plastic products due to the fact that we are able to take our client from the development and planning stage to the production stage, with the help of accumulated knowledge of over 25 years in the field. As well as hundreds of successful projects in Israel and around the world, Epsilon has an Israeli engineering team and a production team located in China.

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