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Developing an idea for a winning product!

New product development, all the way to the top!

Product development and characterization is a fascinating process, while Having a number of critical intermediate steps that require knowledge, experience and a high and proven executive ability, one of our most prominent advantages lies in the fact of our ability to provide an end-to-end solution for any project for which we are required. Without the need to disperse and distribute the work to experts from different fields, a fact that actually guarantees a significant reduction in time, money and the ability to produce the product within the time targets defined by the customer.

The cornerstones on which Epsilon Industries is based in the field of product development:

· Identifying and understanding customer needs alongside product requirements.

· Careful setting of the specification lists.

· Thorough research on the mechanical and electronic structure of the product.

· The selection of the most available and ideal materials for the production processes of the various components of the product.

· Testing, changing (if necessary) and optimizing the product and prototype until it is ready for mass production in large series.

Each project or company has its own needs that benefit from an immediate response from the various Epsilon departments.

· Skilled and experienced product engineering team.

· Software and hardware engineers with extensive experience.

· Advanced application developers.

· Project managers, procurement personnel, TPI, logistics and more...

With close management and supervision here in Israel and at our local branch in China.

And everything in one accessible place, available with a warm and personal attitude, with close support and a quick response to any question or request.

Stages of product development

Characterization of customer needs

Through comprehensive market research, while observing and testing existing products in the requested field, we build together with the customer the features that make up his product specification while setting the required technology / engineering with possible pricing. Developing an idea and understanding the customer's needs in an efficient and correct manner are critical, as these are the laying of the infrastructure in favor of bearing the fruits of the effort of product development.

Product characterization and its adaptation to customer requirements

Epsilon teams analyze the product requirements (product characterization) while searching for uniqueness and attractiveness, possible advantages / disadvantages, etc. In addition, we examine the raw materials and production options that best suit the product's technical specifications, since this is what may reduce development costs and be a decisive parameter in the product's success. We build an initial design idea and at a later stage this idea will be the basis for the costs: development | Production | conveyance.

Choosing the concept

We start with the planning stages based on the understandings we reached in the stages mentioned above, sometimes several different options for product development must be examined. The purpose of the various Epsilon teams is - to choose from among all the alternatives in which a number of drawings, specifications and initial technical material were provided, to choose the ideal concept and the most compatible with the customer's expectations and the required technical standards.

Prototype product design and down to the smallest details

With the completion of the design phase, which includes the construction of computer models, detailed and accurate engineering planning adapted to the end user experience. We send the selected specifications to our professional manufacturing departments in China to produce an initial prototype and molds that, after approval, go into mass production.

Testing and optimization

Finally, through testing, adjusting, changing or improving (if required) the prototype, Epsilon Industries team knows how to lead your idea or project to an attractive, winning and most importantly competitive final product! in the target audience market for which it is intended.

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