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Epsilon Ind. y.y.m Ltd.

Lithium ion batteries manufacturer.
Lithium polymer batteries manufacturer.
LiFePO4 batteries manufacturer.

Mass production of:

  • All types of Lithium-Ion, Lithium-Polymer, LiFePO4 batteries.

  • Custom Shapes & Sizes.

  • Custom Voltage & Capacity.

  • Battery packs with PTC / BMS.

  • Custom Connectors.

  • High Temperature battery packs.

  • Low Temperature battery packs.

  • Custom and standard Chargers.

  • All types of battery packs.

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batteries has been produced and supplied by us globally

You will get :

100% Golden Sample Quality from unit 1 to your demand.

24h Reply time

FIXED Attractive price

  • Outside the box and multifield solution.

  • Savings and optimization.

  • Continuous improvement.

  • Personal service.

  • Win-Win approach.

  • Warehouse and logistics support.

  • One-time or Long-lasting contract.

  • Certification (MSDS / DATA SHEET / UN38.1 / CE /UL / IEC 62133 /RoHS, etc) and paperwork.

  • Lifetime records keeping.

Epsilon Ind. Y.Y.M Ltd. -engineering company specializing in the manufacture of electronic and electromechanical parts as an ODM/OEM. The Company was established in 1997 and ISO 9001:2015 certified by ANAB accredited for all its production and processes.

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     5000 +  Projects          1200 +  customers          20 + countries 

    TOP EMS companies trust us 

1 week

Fastest result from Drawing to Production

Send us your requirements including the expected volumes for mass production via e-mail: or fill in the quick form below.

We'll be happy to be at your service in whatsapp as well.


Feel free to contact us and visit our official website:

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